Welcome to Premium Bet, your guide to bookmakers and sportsbooks worldwide. All of the bookmakers featured on this site are the best of the bunch and are well respected in the gaming world. Only well established sites where your cash in guaranteed to be safe are included. There are some well known high street names as well as some brands UK punters might not have heard of. All have their stronger and weaker points but all are well worth playing at! The sites are grouped into categories:

  • UK Bookies. These are the better known UK facing bookmakers you are likely to see on the high street.
  • Exchanges. These are the sites that allow you to act as bookmaker, "laying" a selection to not win. A commission is charged on profits but odds are often good enough to compensate for this.

Click on a category to discover the top performers in each class.

Soon to be added will be offshore US books, specialising in American sports like baseball and NFL.